School Holiday Sweets

It’s official – school’s out for summer!
You’ve completed another school year and it’s time for a treat. If you’re looking for
something fun to do in the summer holidays, look no further - step away from the TV and
try out one of our sweet boredom-busters!

Warheads challenge

Do you love a challenge? So do we, and when the challenge involves sweets, it’s even better!
The Warhead Challenge is a viral sensation with everyone wanting to give it a go! The aim is to eat as many sour Warhead sweets as possible within a set time or keep a certain number of Warheads in your mouth for as long as possible.
Why not give it a go and challenge your mates?!

Try something new

Not a fan of sour sweets? Discover the taste of Japan with our selection of Japanese goodies. We select only the best sweets and chocolate so why not invite your friends over for a taste test full of surprises!

Get bean-boozled

Fancy going head to head with the Russian Roulette of sweet games?
Each box of Jelly Bean Bean Boozled is filled with 8 colours and 16 delicious and downright foul flavours. The catch is that you don't know what you're going to get until you eat it! Ask a friend to choose a colour and challenge them! Do you dare to try one of these juicy flavours?

  • Lime... or lawn clippings!
  • Berry blue... or toothpaste!
  • Chocolate pudding... or canned dog food!
  • Peach... or vomit!
  • Tutti Fruitti... or stinky socks!
  • Buttered popcorn... or rotten egg!
  • Coconut... or baby wipes!
  • Juicy Pear... or bogey!

At Kingdom of Sweets we have everything you need to make your summer holidays super-sweet, fun and colourful.

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