Nine Oreo Flavours You Need to Try in 2019

Can you believe that Oreos have been around for a whole century?! The Oreo was first introduced by the National Biscuit Company bakery back in 1912. With its crisp biscuit layers and sweet creamy filling, it’s no surprise that Oreo’s have become the world’s best selling cookie.

While the original remains the most popular, Oreo continues to release a whole range of weird and wonderful flavours to tempt and excite cookie lovers all over the world.
While it’s unlikely that you’ll find these limited edition cookies on the supermarket shelf, Kingdom of Sweets has an enormous, unrivalled selection, imported straight from the USA.

Check out these 9 fab, fun flavours that you absolutely need to try in 2019...

1. Birthday Cake - If you love the flavour of birthday cake, these limited edition treats are the
cookies of your dreams.

2. Chocolate crème – If your tastes are a little more traditional, pick up a packet of these. Just like a classic Oreo but with a deliciously sweet chocolate crème centre.

3. Cool Mint - A mint icing flavour crème adds a cool and refreshing kick to the regular Oreo cookie. Try them combined with sweet strawberry cheesecake.

4. Peanut Butter - Who needs a peanut butter sandwich, when you can have the temptation of a peanut butter Oreo?

5. Choco Brownie - For the chocoholics out there, we guarantee you wont be disappointed by the chocolatey goodness of choco brownie.

If you can’t decide between peanut butter and brownie, why not mix it up and try them both
together - get them here!

6. Orange & Mango - Don’t miss out on these limited edition goodies, imported straight from China. These half & half cookies feature a sweet kick of tropical orange and mango flavoured crème.

7. Blueberry and Raspberry – Rejoice in the fruity, juicy flavours of blueberry and raspberry with these limited edition Oreo cookies.

8. White Choc – If you love the classic Oreo why not try it covered with lashings of rich white chocolate?

9. Double Cream – Double the cream, double the indulgence.

With each flavour just as amazing as the last, we would love the challenge of trying them all! Which is your favourite? Tweet us which Oreo you'd love to try in 2019!

If we’ve got your taste buds tingling for Oreo’s, shop online or come in and grab a packet from our Oxford Street, Coventry Street, Villiers Street, Camden or Hammersmith store. For Oreo lovers on the go why not grab one of our handy travel packs!

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