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  • Sugarpova Hits Kingdom Of Sweets!

    Wimbledon is just around the corner and so nothing could be more perfectly timed than our latest release. Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova has launched her own brand of delicious sweets and she dropped into Kingdom of Sweets to tell us and her fans all about it! 

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  • Join Millions of Pocky Fans Across the World

    We’re so excited to launch two new brands at Kingdom of Sweets. Both are Number 1’s and have millions of followers - they even have their own national day!

    Introducing the iconic Pocky and Popero brands drum roll, please.

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  • Takis Take London By Storm!

    Introducing Kingdom of Sweets hottest new addition!

    Takis have officially landed in London in all of our stores and online!

    Have you ever dreamed of visiting Mexico? Relaxing on the sunny beaches, exploring historic landmarks, checking out the wildlife and enjoying a cocktaktail or two with a taco or burrito? You’re not the only one! While we might not be able to fly you to Mexico, we can fly a bit of Mexico to you!

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  • Get a Taste Of Japan at Kingdom Of Sweets!

    If you’re dreaming of going to Japan then you’re not the only one! Japan really does have it all, from live Sumo wrestling, historic temples and even Robot Cabaret Shows it’s a place on most people’s bucket list.

    With Japan over 5,000 miles away it certainly is a big trip, but Kingdom of Sweets is just a stone's throw away and open 24/7 online!

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  • 5 Ways To Eat a Tim Tam

    Calling all biscuit lovers and cookie aficionados! We present to you another deliciously moreish biscuit brand...

    Tim Tams have been loved by our friends down under since 1964 when they were launched by Australian biscuit manufacturer Arnotts. Since then, Tim Tams have inspired generations of devoted, sweet toothed fans in Australia, often compared to the way Oreos have in America, although their official slogan declares “It’s not a cookie, it’s a Tim Tam.”

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  • Nine Oreo Flavours You Need to Try in 2019

    Can you believe that Oreos have been around for a whole century?! The Oreo was first introduced by the National Biscuit Company bakery back in 1912. With its crisp biscuit layers and sweet creamy filling, it’s no surprise that Oreo’s have become the world’s best selling cookie.

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  • The Top 5 Sweet Gifts This Christmas

    Christmas is coming, and as we all know, shopping for friends and family can be a nightmare!

    Would my Aunty like this gift voucher?

    Does my Dad need another screwdriver set?

    But, one thing we can be certain of, everyone has a sweet tooth over the Christmas period! So to help you out, we have pulled together the top 5 sweet gifts perfect for the holidays…

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  • American Cereal: Bringing The Joy Back Into Your Breakfast

    While we are all a fan of a bowl of traditional Coco Pops or Corn flakes for our morning breakfast, it’s definitely nice to add a bit of flavour and sweetness to help us start the day off right. After all, having the same old breakfast every day can get very dull.  And that is where American cereal is coming into the forefront as it offers delicious flavours with a unique taste which will help you to enjoy the first meal of the day. Continue reading

  • Beat the Summer Blues!

    Here at Kingdom of Sweets, summer is our favourite time of year! There’s no better feeling than warm, carefree days spent chilling with friends, at the beach and taking road trips with a big bag of sweets for the journey.

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  • School Holiday Sweets

    It’s official – school’s out for summer!
    You’ve completed another school year and it’s time for a treat. If you’re looking for
    something fun to do in the summer holidays, look no further - step away from the TV and
    try out one of our sweet boredom-busters!
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