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  • American Cereal: Bringing The Joy Back Into Your Breakfast

    While we are all a fan of a bowl of traditional Coco Pops or Corn flakes for our morning breakfast, it’s definitely nice to add a bit of flavour and sweetness to help us start the day off right. After all, having the same old breakfast every day can get very dull.  And that is where American cereal is coming into the forefront as it offers delicious flavours with a unique taste which will help you to enjoy the first meal of the day.

    They have such a wide range of options available varying from the popular Lucky Charms to the delicious Reese’s Puffs Cereal that will leave you feeling fulfilled after every bite. American cereals are also taking the retro scene by storm, bringing back a few old favourites that taste just as good as they did in the 90’s. In fact, there is quite a following when it comes to retro cereals from across the pond.

    The Cereal Killer Cafe which first opened it’s doors in 2014 in Shoreditch and now has a premises in Camden too has been a huge success. The world’s first cereal cafe, people have flocked to it from all over the globe.


    With a huge range of over 120 American retro cereals, you can choose a bowl of delicious grub along with your choice of scrumptious toppings and a range of milk. The cereal cafe even has 80’s and 90’s décor so that while you are eating your favourite old school cereal, you can enjoy a bit of nostalgia too. We sell a range of American cereals which will turn your breakfasts into your favourite time of the day. But with so many options, it’s difficult to whittle it down to a final choice. Therefore, we have done the tasting for you and here are three American cereals you need to try to transform your breakfast.


    Post Oreo O’s Breakfast Cereal

    Fans of Oreo’s will love this delicious breakfast cereal which takes everything you love about the crunchy snack and puts it into a bowl of joy. Oreo O’s were a 90’s kid’s favourite cereal on the market and even appeared in popular shows at the time including sitcom Friends. Thankfully, after being discontinued over 10 years ago, the cereal is back with all it’s chocolatey joy. Made from the brand Post, the cereal is made up of crunchy O’s which will leave chocolate fans in a food coma. The best thing about the cereal is that after you have all the crunchy O’s, the milk turns into a cookie flavour which you will definitely want to sip until the bowl is empty.


    Kellogg’s Super Mario Cereal


    Super Mario was THE game to play back in the 80’s and 90’s. Everyone loved that dude and the fun adventure you would play on your console. Fans of the iconic game will love this Super Mario Cereal from Kellogg’s. The design of the cereal is what really makes this a must-buy as the cute marshmallows are the shape of the game characters. In particular, the mushrooms are a fan-favourite. Along with the multi-grain oat stars which give you a touch of healthy goodness, the marshmallow shapes which are inspired by the game really bring a sweet touch. If you are a fan of Lucky Charms, you will love this Super Mario Cereal.


    Cap’N Crunch Sprinkled Donut Cereal


    Crunchy and sweet, this sprinkled donut cereal from Cap’N’Crunch is a popular choice for your breakfast bowl. The cereal consists of donut shaped corn and oat pieces with the added bonus of sprinkles which add a touch of sweet flavour to the cereal. Mixed with milk, the scrumptious cereal tastes even sweeter. The successor to the 90’s cereal Sprinkle Spangles, this delicious cereal gives you that crunchy flavour with added sprinkles that you have been missing in your life. Donut fans will feel like they are adding the juicy snack into their breakfast meal as the cereal’s appearance is awesome.


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