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  • 5 Perfect Easter Gifts: An Alternative to The Traditional Eggs

    Easter means thinking about chocolate (well, if you're not thinking about chocolate every day!). Easter means eggs. Chocolate eggs. But Easter is much more than that and there is a huge variety of Easter chocolate treats that are not eggs. Surprise the little ones by offering something different this year.

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  • What’s Your Crazy Chocolatey Choice?

    From bars to boxes, to bags of treats. We have a range of different sweets for all you crazy chocolate lovers. Whether you’re an M&M sharing bag kind of person, or if fruit and nut Chocolate is the one for you. We want to know what your favourite Chocolate choice is, and what makes it so great! We’ve handpicked some of our favourites that you just have to try (if you haven’t already!) So sit back, have a read, and let us tell you all about our crazy Chocolate choices.

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  • Keep Your Loved Ones Sweet, With The Perfect Valentine's Day Treat

    Do you know your loved one's favourite sweets? Are they a chocoholic or do they like a gummy treat? Do they like sour or do they like sweet? Whatever you choose, make sure they’re going to love it. And with the wide selection of treats we offer, you won’t fail on finding the perfect gift this Valentine's day.

    Why not get your loved one a special Kingdom Of Sweets hamper. We have handpicked some of the best selections of sweets and created some delicious hampers that will go down a treat. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

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  • Kingdom Of Sweets 2018 sweety Calendar

    It’s the start of 2018, and many of you will be writing out new years resolutions and setting yourself goals. Well, the team at Kingdom Of Sweets have put together the perfect sweety calendar that will help guide you through 2018 with delicious treats to try along the way.

    We’ve carefully selected some sweet treats, one for each month. Let's see how many we can get through together! The only rule? You have to take photos along the way and show us how you guys are getting on with the Kingdom Of Sweets 2018 sweety calendar.

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  • Celebrating 16 years since the first Harry Potter film!

    16th November 2017 is a day to remember for Harry Potter fans old and new as it marks 16 years since the iconic Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie was first released!

    For this very important occasion, we’ve rounded up 7 small ways to add a touch of magic to your day. You are hereby invited to celebrate with Kingdom of Sweets!

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  • Can You Handle the Heat?

    It might be getting colder and darker outside, but Bonfire Night is the perfect way to add a bit of sweet sparkle to an otherwise dull night!

    Here at Kingdom of Sweets we’ve been getting inspired by those festive fireworks and have put together the ultimate guide to make sure you remember, remember the 5th of November. Read on and fuel your fireworks night with our top 5 treats...

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  • Top Halloween Candy

    Here at Kingdom of Sweets, we think Halloween is awesome for a number of reasons... You get to dress up, tell ghost stories, watch scary films and put up spooky decorations. But let's face it... the best part of Halloween is the FREE CANDY! Whether you're stocking up for a Halloween party, having a spooky night in with some friends or just want to make sure you have the most popular house on the street, make sure you check out our guide to the best Halloween candy...

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  • Sweet Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

    Candy is the perfect gift for any occasion and Kingdom of Sweets has loads of it to choose from! If you want to treat someone special, put a smile on their face with our ultimate gift guide… Enjoy!


    When it comes to birthdays, nobody does it like Kingdom of Sweets! Loved by both young and old, sweets are the perfect gift no matter how many birthday candles they’re blowing out. Continue reading

  • Classic American sweets

    If you have ever been to America (or have a friend or two from across the pond) then you’ll probably know all about the classic American candy you just have to try.

    From Oreos to peanut butter cups, America has given us some of the sweetest and most delicious treats in the whole wide world, and here at Kingdom of Sweets we just can’t get enough of them!

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  • Favourite Childhood Sweets

    No matter when you were born, there’s something about old fashioned sweets that instantly takes you straight back to childhood. Do you remember running down to your local sweet shop buzzing with excitement as you stuffed a paper bag full of your favourite sticky sweets? Us too!

    Here at Kingdom of Sweets, we’ve been daydreaming about our sweet-toothed youth, so let us take you back in time as we bring you some of our favourite retro classics.

    We could definitely go for a few of these right about now!

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